Sunday, February 3, 2008

An Interesting Note

On page 136 of Mike Huckabee's From Hope to Higher Ground, Huckabee writes the United States should "set a realistic timetable [emphasis added] for accomplishing" our goals in Iraq. Funny, I did not hear Senator McCain criticize Huckabee for saying the same thing Mitt Romney said. 

Saturday, February 2, 2008

For Those Voting for (or Considering) Mike Huckabee

Please understand that by voting for Mike Huckabee, you are splitting up the conservative vote and are giving the nomination to John McCain. I know you have your problems with Mitt Romney, namely because he is Mormon, but also because you feel he has "flip-flopped" on issues if you believe McCain. The criticism of Romney has been 1) He used to be pro-choice 2) He is a Republican from a liberal state. Please consider a past Republican candidate, who when he ran for President was also accused of "flip-flopping." This candidate...

... used to be a registered Democrat.
... was the governor of a predominantly liberal state.
... voted to raise taxes in his first year as Governor.
... signed a pro-abortion law.

Who was this flip-flopper compromiser? None other than Ronald Reagan, quite possibly the greatest pro-life President of recent history (though a good case could be made for our current President). 

Compare that to Romney. Romney has never been a Democrat, never raised taxes (only raised some outdated fees which had not been updated in years), and not only did not sign any pro-abortion laws, he vetoed four of them!

Those of you considering Huckabee are thinking of the pro-life issue only and I'm telling you, there is no difference between the two. All the President can do to affect abortion is appoint conservative judges, Romney has a record of doing so. Further, please show me how Huckabee understands the issues we face overseas in foreign affairs. I wrote more about this below in my blog artice "Mike Huckabee: True Conservative?"

Huckabee cannot win. He is only getting votes from evangelicals who will not vote for a Mormon. Get over it. American national elections are not issues of eternal salvation. We are voting for someone who will be the most qualified President, not the most qualified pastor.

Which leads me to my final point on Huckabee. Many evangelicals are voting for Huck because of his "solid Christian views." Please tell me how these following two examples are "solid Christian views."

- "I had been an admirer of [Robert Schuller] for thirty years because of the life-lifting message that he called 'possibility thinking,' a unique blend of positive thinking and traditional faith..." and "If there was any doubt of the authenticity of this man (Schuller) and his ministry, it was erased when I met his family." Also, "I realized his most significant achievement [was] a family who embodied the optimism, the kindness, and the openness of his messages." (quoted pg. 24 of From Hope to Higher Ground by Mike Huckabee, published in 2007). 

- "And I believe God put this whole creative process into motion. How he did it and the time frame [emphasis added] in which he did it, I honestly don't know."

I think I know a source I could point Huckabee to so he can learn the time frame of the "creative process."

That being said, please vote for the guy who can win, will carry on in a debate against Clinton or Obama, and has the experience necessary to be President; Mitt Romney. 

Final thought: Have you considered that Huckabee has no criticism for McCain (despite the faults I posted in my last article) yet is all over Romney? Could it be he has a VP slot saved for him in a McCain nomination? That would be a sell-out of the conservative side. I have read Mike Huckabee's book. How many of you pro-Hucksters can say that? If you read it, you will see he is not a true conservative, and will be a disappointment to the Republican party.