Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mid-Season BCS Bowl Projections

National Title Game - Texas vs. Penn St. (Alabama will lose at least once.)

Rose Bowl - USC vs. Alabama (Hopefully Mitch Dorger realizes the flaw in bringing the Big 10 back for more. Remember all the rumors about LSU last year before they backed into the title game, it might come true this year with Crimson Tide representing the SEC in Pasadena)

Sugar Bowl - Florida vs. Boise State (Broncos earn another non-BCS conference berth)

Orange Bowl - Florida State vs. West Virginia

Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma vs. Ohio State (Buckeyes return to the site of BCS championship in '02 in a scenario that won't upset fans nationwide that they are back in a BCS game.)

Of course all this gets thrown off if Oregon State wins out, and thus earns the Pac-10 automatic Rose Bowl berth. In that case, here are my predictions for that scenario, which is becoming increasingly more likely. By the way, this could be disastrous for the Rose Bowl. The good news though would be Ohio State is not invited to a BCS bowl!

NCG - Texas vs. Penn State

Rose Bowl - Oregon State vs. West Virginia (Can I start sleeping now?)

Sugar Bowl - Florida vs. Boise State (Can Broncos save money by just having Florida bring both uniforms?)

Orange Bowl - Florida State vs. Alabama

Fiesta Bowl - USC vs. Oklahoma (in probably the best BCS bowl matchup)

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